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The 300b project with Lynn Olson

I have never heard anything like this and it is what I am listening to in my system.

Vintage Tube Audio  Restoration and Repair
Final prototype
Production of the new Blackbird monoblock 300b amps and Raven preamp will be done by Spatial Audio Lab in Salt Lake City.  I will travel there and teach them the builds.  I would expect commercial production in November.  There is more info at the Spatial Audio Lab site:  https://www.spatialaudiolab.com/news/august-2023-updates Below is a photo of the final prototype 300b amp.  Spatial will change the look slightly, but layout will be the same.  We are now using custom wound Monolith Magnetics power and output transformers.   If you heard the previous prototype at the Pacific Audio Fest in Seattle you are in for a surprise.  This version is in the next universe above those!