Citation II

This was the flagship of the Harman Kardon line.  When properly restored it is about as fine an amplifier as you will ever hear at any price!  It is my favorite amp and the one I listen to the most.


Below are some of the units I specialize in.  Just click on the more info button and you can see more photos and the associated costs of restoration.  These are guidelines.  Every piece is different and the price can vary a bit depending on the level of restoration or additional options or customer preferences.

Citation I

The Citation I preamp was the top of the line.  It is an excellent line stage and features one of the best phono stages you will ever hear.  It can even be modified to work with a low output MC cartridge!

Citation V

The Citation V is one of the best 6L6 amps you will ever hear.  It has huge output transformers and will deliver about 54 watts/ch when properly rebuilt.  Imaging is stunning!

McIntosh C20 preamp

I have had the pleasure of completely rebuilding two of these for customers.  They are right up there with the Citation I.  Just a wonderful preamp that is also one of the prettiest ever made.  They are stunningly good when rebuilt, but a number of the original caps I removed from both units were very far out of spec.  So if you really want to hear what one can do it needs to be re-capped. 

Other tube gear

I have repaired or completely rebuilt all sorts of tube integrated amps, power amps, preamps, and receivers by Sherwood, Scott, Fisher, McIntosh, Sansui, Eico, Lafayette, Heathkit, and other companies.   Here are some examples and rough guidelines for prices.

Other Harmon Kardon

 In addition to the Citation line, I have restored a number of other types of  Harman Kardon tube gear, including the A300 and A500 integrated amps and Festival receivers. 
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