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From time to time I have new custom pieces for sale that are built ahead.  They are what they are and you can choose output capacitors, but that is about the only customization possible.  They can be wired for 240 VAC input if you are outside of N. America.  You never know what I will have so check back as this list changes monthly.  It is a chance for you to skip the build queue. Currently I have:

Brand New D Sachs Model 2 preamp  $2950

SOLD, I will have another OLED preamp in a couple of weeks One of a kind prototype with dual mono 64 step Khozmo remote attenuators This one is a special prototype in a walnut case.   It has the OLED display and dual mono 64 step remote controlled Khozmo attenuators with relay input switching.  You can unlink the two channels, make one louder than the other, then relink them and have them increase or decrease in volume together.  So you get a balance control without any sonic penalty.  Of course you can set the two channels at the same level and then the go up and down together just as with the normal stereo Khozmo.  You can see one channel at 22 and one at 24 in the top photo. Aside from the dual attenuators, it is the normal top of the line OLED preamp build.  One xlr input, 3 rca inputs, premium tube set, full remote.  It has a 1.5 uF pair of VCap ODAM output caps to drive any amp down to 30K input impedance.  The second output has a 4.7 uF Solens film cap that will drive any subwoofer.  Comes with 4 Shuguang WE6SN7 tubes and the 6BY5 rectifier.  Same tube set I listen to in my system.     


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