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My custom amps and preamps

From time to time I have new custom pieces for sale that are built ahead.  They are what they are and you can choose output capacitors, but that is about the only customization possible.  They can be wired for 240 VAC input if you are outside of N. America.  You never know what I will have so check back as this list changes monthly.  It is a chance for you to skip the build queue. Currently I have:

Two pairs of the pre-production version of the 300b


$15,999 US per pair.

Spatial Audio Lab has two pairs of the pre-production Blackbird 300b mono amps.  They are in the dark case and have the power supply choke on the inside.  These are built exactly as my own personal amps are.  We decided to move the choke to the top panel for esthetic reasons and have a new case manufacturer.  So the two pre-production pairs are for sale.  They sound like the production ones.  The production amps sell for $19,995 per pair.  These two pairs will be sold for $15,999, so essentially a $4,000 discount.   Spatial will be posting them for sale on their site shortly.  They will get the last internal minor tweaks to bring them up the final production version next week.  If you are interested you can send me a note, or contact Spatial Audio Lab directly. You can read about the production amps on the Spatial Audio Lab site This is a chance to get a discount of $4,000 a pair for the old case and the power supply choke inside instead of on top.  These amps are literally world class. If you are interested contact me.            
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