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March 13, 2016.  I have built a fantastic KT88 amp that does 70+ watts/ch and is the perfect companion to the amazing line stage.  Have a look here. September 15, 2015.  I have worked out the installation of the excellent Khozmo 48 step attenuator in the Citation I preamp (photo at right).  These are sonically every bit as good as the 23 step Gold Point attenuators and they have 48 steps!  Also I am negotiating the production of a 500K version with wires for the loudness contour switch and the knurled shaft to fit the original Citation I volume knob.  It will sell for $179.  If you send the preamp I will install it for $225, parts and labor.  It is a bit tricky, but it will fit perfeclty if you know how to install it.  I would be happy to sell you one and give you instructions if you wish to install it yourself.  I expect these to be available within a month or so.  Email me if you have interest. August 28, 2015.   I have a very nice completely rebuilt Citation I preamp for sale.  March 21, 2015.  I have finished the prototype and am now producing the best preamp I have ever heard!  Check out my custom line stage! February 27, 2015.  Just sold the last Citation II that is built.  I have one more core.  If you are interested I can build it for you.  Email me for details.  Also I have lowered the price on the SpaceTech Labs QA115 Reg preamp.  Have a look on the for sale page.  I also have a Citaiton I preamp that has been fully rebuilt and I will consider selling.  Price would be $2199 and that includes a Gold Point attenuator installed and very good oil capacitors on the main line stage tube.  Also a premium tube set. October 4, 2014.  I just sold the second Citation II before I could post photos!  Even before I started working on it!  Will work on finding another core or would be happy to rebuild yours for you if you have one.   I am finally going to part with my beloved SpaceTech Labs QA115 Reg preamp.  I have just upgraded it with an internal 5V filament transformer and Albert’s newer, better power transformer.  The sound is very open, airy and spacious.  See it on the for sale page. September 21, 2014.  I already sold the Citation II before I could post photos!  However, I have just acquired another core and will have another Harman Kardon Citation II that I am preparing for sale.  The case is in good condition and it will have freshly painted transformers.  There are a couple of bottom/face plates to choose from.  I have one more tube cage as well.  The amp will have every upgrade I do and a full, new tube set.  Price will be about $3295 and $3195 if you don’t want the tube cage.  It should be ready for sale by mid-late October.   A deposit of $1000 will hold it until October 31, otherwise it will go up for sale as soon as completed.  Email me if you are interested. August 15, 2014.  I have a Harman Kardon Citation II that I am preparing for sale.  It is in nice cosmetic condition and has freshly painted transformers.  It also has the very rare tube cage that I have also had repainted.  It will have every upgrade I do and a full, new tube set.  Price will be $3295 and $3195 if you don’t want the tube cage.  Email me if you are interested. August 2, 2014.  I have a Harman Kardon Citation V power amp for sale.  Photos posted shortly.  It is a complete rebuild and very nice cosmetically.  Price is $1595 with full year warranty.  SOLD April 27,2014.  The Sansui 1000a is now done!  It sounds great.  Price is $895.  Everything works great, tuner is very good.  Bogen AP-200 will be ready shortly. April 10, 2014.  The Sherwood S8000 receiver is now sold.  Hope to have the Bogen AP-200 and Sansui 1000a ready for sale soon. November 28, 2013.  Welcome to the new re-designed website!  Right now there are only a few pieces in the queue so I can probably fit a few more in before Christmas if you would like a job done.  Check out the Citation I and the Sherwood S8000 that I have for sale.
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Gold Point attenuator

I have worked out a very clean installation of the Gold Point Stepped Attenuator in both the Citation I and Mac C-20 preamps.  They sound fantastic and I can even tap them for the loudness contour switch.
Vintage Tube Audio  Restoration and Repair
Khozmo 48 step attenuator installed in Citation I preamp!