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Vintage Tube Audio  Restoration and Repair

Harman Kardon Citation V

A fantastic 6L6-based amp that will run rings around a

Dynaco ST-70

The Citation V is an amazingly good amplifier that has imaging that will almost wrap around you in a good system.  When properly rebuilt they will produce about 54 watts/channel, which is more than enough for most people.  You can see from the photos that the output transformers are huge, and they are very good ones.  Restoring this amp takes about 12 - 15 hours.  The labor cost is generally $500 - $600 depending on the options you choose.  Parts cost is $200 - $300 depending on options chosen including modern speaker terminals, regulated DC filament on input tubes, whether any sockets are replaced, and whether the optional CCS kit is installed.  This improves the amp about 15% or so to my ear and I have it in my Citation II and Citation V amps.  Basic restoration includes: 1.  Completely rebuilt power supply with McShane kits.  This includes addition of a choke as in the Citation II. 2.  Addition of a high quality pot in the rebuilt bias supply that allows the overall bias to be adjustable over a reasonable range.  This allows you to adjust for different tubes and wall voltages.  This is a no-brainer mod in my opinion because it costs all of about $20 parts and labor. 3.  All signal caps are replaced and many key resistors. 4.  Any suspect wiring is replaced. 5. New RCA jacks and shielded cable to the boards. Options: 1.  CCS kit.  This can only be installed by Jim or I or a highly skilled tech.  You really need a dual channel oscilloscope to get it right. 2.  Convert the two input tubes to a regulated 5 volt DC filament supply.  This makes quite a difference in the sound of the amp. 3.  Replace tube sockets.  This is never a bad idea if they are at all "iffy". 4.  If I replace all tube sockets and completely rewire the amp as in the Citation II restoration I would charge about $700 labor, and parts total would be $300 - $350.  A complete rewire of a Citation V is usually not necessary.
A nice Citation V from the top The rear with custom speaker terminals The inside of a partial rebuild I did last year