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Khozmo 64 step Remote Attenuator

I finally have this working perfectly!

.Update:  It took a bit of work and a couple of iterations, but the new 64 step Khozmo Remote attenuator is working perfectly in the preamp.  It is absolutely quiet, works perfectly, and sounds amazing!  I offer it as a $200 upgrade over the stock 48 step Khozmo manual attenuator.  The remote version is a ladder type attenuator with only two resistors on each channel in the signal path at any one time and constant impedance.  The unit uses a series of relays to switch pairs of resistors in and out as you rotate the volume knob or use the handy remote.  The display is easy to read and goes from 00 to 63.  The unit always comes on at 00 to protect your speakers.  If you use the mute function on the remote then the unit remembers the volume setting when you un-mute.  The remote easily works from 25 feet away.  I want to stress that this is still an analog attenuator.  It is not digital, but simply uses a digital system to switch pairs of resistors in and out of the signal path.  I will update the photos of the remote control and the display running in the preamp, but these will give you an idea.
The remote unit next to a 6SN7 tube for scale. 64 step Remote Khozmo Attenuator Display in Operation