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Vintage Tube Audio  Restoration and Repair

Citation I preamp, fully rebuilt   $1995

Sold, sorry.  I have another core on the way and will have

another rebuilt one for sale shortly.

This is my Citation I with Gold Point Stepped Attenuator.

This is my personal Citation I preamp that has served as the test bed for all the little tweaks.   I just am not using it much anymore because I rarely listen to vinyl.  So it is time to let it go.  I have kept it around for use as a template when I rebuild other units for customers.  However, I have rebuilt close to 50 Citation I preamps so I can pretty much do it in my sleep now.  So it is time to let this one go to a good home where it will see lots of use.  It has every McShane upgrade plus all the plate load resistors are new, and it features a pair of really good Russian KBG oil caps on each channel.  There are also a number of other key resistors changed.  It has a premium tube set with Sovtek 12ax7LPS tubes in the first phono position followed by the Mullard long plate reissue 12ax7.  This is the best current production setup for the phono section in a Citation I.  The line stage has a pair of Brimar CV4033 tubes that sell for $90 a pair.  These are followed by a pair of Siemens 12at7 variants that are equally expensive and very good.  I have bypassed the phase reverse and stereo reverse switches, but left all wiring in place and can easily reconnect them if you wish.  I can also add the Carver phono mod that will allow you to use a low output moving coil cartridge for $50.  The face plate is very nice and the knob set is all new.  It features a Gold Point stepped attenuator for the volume control.  The preamp functions perfectly and is most likely the best sounding Citation I in existence. You can buy one on ebay for $1200+ in original condition that needs rebuilding.  Or you can buy this one that has been fully rebuilt with top shelf parts and tubes that will run circles around any original one.  I will guarantee it for one full year, including the tubes!  After that I will repair it for only the cost of parts if you pay the shipping both ways. One last note.  I see there is a Citation I on ebay right now that has been “fully restored”.  This is the typical ebay sham.  If you look closely you will see the person used a cheap perf board and installed some caps on it to replace the power supply and bias filter capacitors.  It is difficult to tell the quality of parts from the photo, but they left all the original old top hat diodes.  They also didn’t replace a number of key signal capacitors on the boards and controls including the main ones that couple the phono cartridge input and output.  These are still old ceramic caps.  The plate load resistors are original.  It IS NOT rebuilt, like the one I am selling.  Buyer beware on ebay......  This one will run circles around that one listed on ebay. If you are interested in this preamp please contact me.
A nice Citation V from the top The rear with custom speaker terminals The inside of a partial rebuild I did last year
The inside of a partial rebuild I did last year The inside of a partial rebuild I did last year