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Vintage Tube Audio  Restoration and Repair

The Valhalla Integrated Amp $4995

30 watts/ch of sonic bliss!

I have turned over productio of the Valhalla integrated amps to my friend Cloud in Salt Lake City.  I taught him how to build them and he has produced several. Production is ramping up and the wait time is now reasonable.   If you are interested in a Valhalla please email Cloud.  The amps now feature 4 naked foil resitors in two key spots including on the Khozmo attenuator board, and all signal path capacitors are now VCap ODAM. Yes, the blue poly comes off the transformers!  Same beautiful stainless steel epoxy potted transformers as the big KT88 amp, just optimized for the 6L6.  I will take some better photos, but I wanted to post this. I built this for people with efficient speakers.  I am calling it a 30 watt/ch amp, but it produces about 33 watts/ch, both channels driven, all the way down to 20 Hz on the bench.   It has the same 3 6SN7 type tubes up front and uses any 6L6, EL34, KT77, or KT66 variant as the power tubes.  I will sell it with the wonderful Russian NOS 6P3S-E tubes, plus one set of the Shuguang KT66 (labelled Tube Amp Doctor).  I love both tubes in here and which you prefer will depend on your system and tastes.  It has the same dual independent regulated high voltage supplies as the big Kootenay 120 power amp. Power transformer is very over sized for the task.  Everything is just scaled down a bit for the lower power requirements.   It has the same Khozmo 64 step remote attenuator with relay input switching that I use in my current version of the line stage.  There are 4 inputs, one pair of XLR using the wonderful Cinemag line transformers for the conversion, and 3 RCA inputs.   4 and 8 ohm speaker taps.  Fully auto biasing and has the same meter on the deck so you can check the status of the tubes at any time.  Cathode fuses on each output tube socket to protect against a runaway tube. The amp has about 50 hours on it now and it is totally holographic and quite stunning.  Dead quiet at idle.  The project has completely exceeded my expectations and gives away very little to the full on seperates in my system with 96 dB speakers.   I would say this amp would have little trouble driving any tube friendly speaker design of 90-92 dB or higher rating.  This one is for sale after it goes to Clayton Shaw of Spatial Audio for his evaluation.  Clayton has heard many amps and I want to know how well it drives his speakers, which are all tube friendly, open baffle designs.   It can ship from his shop in Salt Lake City after he listens to it.  Clayton will post his impressions on his audio circle chat. OK, Clayton just posted a long zoom chat he did with the SF Audio Society.  He mentions this Valhalla integrated amp.  Go to 1:16 and you will hear his impressions (he liked it quite a bit): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Su41Ivt7VbA&feature=youtu.be the only thing is that he said it was 22 watts/ch and it is really 32 watts/ch. I can build 10 of these.  This first one sold.  I have a second one in a walnut case that I just finished and is burning in.  I have a transformer set for one more.  Then lead time is the usual 8-12 weeks because the transformer set is custom order from Toroidy.pl  and they take me 6-8 weeks to get with the shipping.  The usual 70% down payment is required to start project. 
Inside.  Note separate power supply well away from amplifier board. Front panel. In cherry case with tubes on top.